What do our dreams mean? These apps might have the answer.

Do our dreams really reveal our hidden fears and desires or are they just random thoughts and images?

Dream analyst and former scientist Jane Teresa Anderson has been helping people decode their dreams since 1992.

She hosts a regular podcast analysing dreams, has authored six books on the subject and passionately believes understanding our dreams can help us live a better life.

“A dream is the result of your sleeping brain and mind processing your conscious and unconscious experiences of the last one to two days,” Jane Teresa explains.

“Past experiences or events that occur in our current dreams are unresolved issues.”

Why do dreams seem so real?

The dream expert says dreams feel real because they stimulate the same areas of our brains and minds that are activated when we’re awake.

“So if you are feeling anger, fear or distress, your heart rate goes up and you’re experiencing that even though you are asleep.”

Jane Teresa says when have extraordinary dreams we think we won’t ever forget them, but it helps to write them down or share them with someone.

Interpreting dreams

The dream therapist says understanding our dreams can provide meaningful insight into our lives.

“When we see past experiences in our current dreams it is because there are unresolved issues, or we have a blocked way of thinking,” she says.

“Once you’ve cracked the code, the meaning of your dream can be more easily revealed.”

Using technology to delve into dreams

If you’re fascinated by the whole subject of dreams and what they might mean, there are a number of apps you can try, including:

Dream Journey Ultimate

The largest dream database in the world, this app lets you enter as many dreams as you like and either keep them private or share them with other users to get feedback.

Have an interesting dream last night? Dream Journey will automatically analyse it for common themes and show you similar dreams from around the world. Includes a dream journal.

Available for Android and iOS.

Lucidity – Lucid Dream Journal

If you want to become a lucid dreamer, this app is for you! Lucidity includes tools like as a dream journal, morning and evening reminders, all day awareness notifications and more.

The app also provides an in-app wiki to answer all your questions. Android only.

Sleep Cycle

You might need to understand and improve your sleep habits if you want to give yourself the best chance to have pleasant dreams.

Sleep Cycle helps you understand and improve your sleep habits and even makes the promise that if you use their alarm, you ‘will wake feeling rested’.

For Android and iOS.

Written by Liz McGrath