The House of Wellness TV – Season 4, Episode 42

The House of Wellness – Season 4, Episode 42

Recycling household rubbish is second nature to all of us. We’ve got bins of all colours to help us sort through it all but this week on the show, the focus is on waste in the ocean as we meet the team behind the Seabin Project. Special rubbish bins dotted around the waterways have the potential to catch tonnes of rubbish and help save sea life.

The use of medicinal cannabis isn’t common in Australia yet – but next year laws may change, making it available to Australians without a prescription. Clinical trials are underway which aim to have 500 participants by December.

It’s a moment of disappointment that we can all relate to; cutting into an avocado only to find it’s been bruised and battered by multiple squeezes on the supermarket shelf. An innovative farmer in WA is promising a new type of avocado that will give you the perfect avo for your toast every time. Long sunny days are a reminder that Aussies are at high risk when it comes to melanomas. Regular skin checks are recommended but a new 3D body scanner is revolutionising work for dermatologists.

You work out your body… but what about a workout for your face? Find out how you can give your 43 facial muscles the perfect workout without having to hit the gym!

If your pooch has packed on a few extra pounds this year, would you put your bestie on a diet? Vet Mark Reeve weighs up the pros and cons of a doggie diet. Plus Hinesy is whipping up more tasty morsels in the kitchen, this time with matching his and hers morning smoothies. Get those taste buds ready!

Cast: Luke Darcy, Jo Stanley, and Luke Hines, with Gerald Quigley.