The House of Wellness TV – Season 4, Episode 37

The House of Wellness – Season 4, Episode 37

Longer days mean summer is coming and so is the AFL Grand Final. As the fans count down the days, one of the stars of the day shares how he’ll be managing the nerves. Brisbane singer Tim McCallum will be singing the national anthem in front of a home crowd at the GABBA. Hear the remarkable story that led him to perform on the biggest day of the Aussie sporting calendar.

We all know what it’s like to shake with fear or the cold. But shaking as a therapy? Dr David Bercelli is the founder of TRE international – a movement therapy that’s all about shaking the body for health, with incredible results!

Doctors Nick and Isabelle Carr ‘look’ into all things vision related. It’s a real eye opener that forces Darce to get his eyes checked. Could this be the motivation he needed to rediscover 20/20 vision? Over one million Aussies suffer from osteoporosis. Find out the complications that come with brittle bones and why early detection is so crucial.

And if you’re confused about what oil to use, then take a stroll down the supermarket aisle with Luke Hines who sorts the canola and sunflower from the coconut and olive oils. While resident make-up artist Jade Kisnorbo shares her latest tip on an adhesive eyeliner that makes luscious lashes a quick 2 step trick!

Cast: Luke Darcy, Jo Stanley, and Luke Hines, with Gerald Quigley.