The House of Wellness TV – Season 4, Episode 14

The House of Wellness – Season 4, Episode 14

This year we celebrate Mother’s Day at home. Meet two very special mums – one who is completely isolated from her quadriplegic son as a result of coronavirus, despite living in the same house. And the other, separated from her family on the other side of the world, when coronavirus forced border closures. On the upside, innovation comes from the most trying times as a Melbourne doctor proves with his new invention – a plastic hood designed to protect health workers on the coronavirus frontline. Plus hear what some of AFL’s footy stars say about their mums! We check in with a female body builder who proves that age is simply ‘mind over muscle’ and a bunch of ladies in lycra who are still on their bikes, but now travelling in pairs. Having trouble keeping up appearances? Get the tip on how to create gorgeous long lashes all from the comfort of your own home! So get ready to be inspired and informed, this week on the House of Wellness.

Cast: Luke Darcy, Jo Stanley, and Luke Hines, with Gerald Quigley.