The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show Sunday 17th September

The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show 17th September 2017


Get well, stay well, live well and look fabulous with The House of Wellness radio show.

In this week’s episode, the team discuss the differences between headaches and migraines and the lifestyle changes you can make to ease and prevent the occurrence of migraines. The team also discuss prostate health and the four take home messages men need to take care of their prostate, as well as a look at the upcoming National Beach Netball Series and how you can get involved.

Head here for Sally’s Chocolate Tart with Salt Flakes recipe.


  • Larry Emdur, Host
  • Sally Obermeder, Co-host
  • Gerald Quigley, Community Pharmacist & Accredited Herbalist


  • Gerald Edmunds, Secretary General at Headache Australia
  • Kelsey Browne, Netball Player for Sunshine Coast Lightning and Beach Netball Ambassador