How do I get my baby to sleep?

Feel like forever since you’ve had a good night’s snooze? These tips may help your bub – and you – sleep right through.

A decent “straight-through-the-night” sleep can feel like a far-off dream if your baby is difficult to settle has developed bad sleep habits.

Endless cups of coffee and falling asleep at mother’s group, anyone?

Studies have found one in three new mums in Australia report severe problems in getting their bubs to sleep, which can impact mental and physical health.

For babies, insufficient sleep can impact health in a range of ways and leave them (and you!) feeling irritable and moody.

What the science says about babies and sleep

While every child is different, Australia’s Sleep Health Foundation suggests newborns need between 14-17 hours of shut-eye in a 24-hour cycle (including night and daytime sleeps).

For infants it’s between 12 to 15 hours and for toddlers, 11 to 14 hours.

Science has shown having good sleep habits, such as routine sleep times and a relaxed, calm sleep environment can help your child get the sleep they need. And quickly!

A 2017 US study found a calming bedtime routine can improve kids’ sleep in less than two weeks.

Sound, sight, smell and touch

Incorporating sensory cues into baby’s bedtime routine goes even further to encouraging the zzz’s.

For touch, studies show that massage – used in many cultures to help infants relax – can help establish a regular sleep cycle.

When it comes to sound and sight, think colours, with research finding pink noise (considered more soothing that white nose) can aid sleep, along with red light, which encourages the body’s production of melatonin.

euky bear

The sleep aid that promotes better baby sleep

Euky Bear’s new Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid and range of Baby Essential Oil Blends combines all of this knowledge and technology into a clever all-in-one sleep solution designed to help your baby naturally drift off to sleep more easily and settle through the night.

This clever “baby whisperer” is an aromatherapy humidifier that gently releases pure essential oils in an ultra-fine mist (no heat), accompanied by red light therapy and soothing “pink noise” and sounds such as a gentle heartbeat, waterfall and lullabies.

Safe and cool to touch, you can set the sound and light to run all night long while an auto switch means you can turn off the mist whenever you like.

Euky Bear’s range of carefully crafted essential oil blends have been designed with the littlest ones in mind and come with funky titles such as Cuddle Calm and Sniffly Nose.

Our fave? Sleepy Time, of course, starring organic lavender to prepare your baby for sleep.

You’ll be getting your own full night’s slumber before you know it*.

*Essential oil blends from 3 months +

Written by Liz McGrath. This post is brought to you by Euky Bear’s Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid and Baby Essential Oil Blends.