7 ultra-easy and affordable ways to stay healthy on a budget

Sometimes it can feel like staying healthy also comes with a hefty price tag. But it doesn’t have to.

From gym memberships to organic produce and expensive workout gear, staying fit and healthy doesn’t always go hand in hand with keeping your finances in check.

That’s why it pays to employ a few of these wallet-friendly tips and tricks, so you can save money without compromising your health.

Buy seasonal produce

Learn when certain fruits and vegetables are in season and buy them during that time, says dietitian Danielle Bell, of Glow Group Health and Wellbeing.

If you’re not sure what to look for, Danielle suggests checking out seasonal produce fact sheet created by the Sydney Markets.

backyard exercise

Use your backyard to exercise

Gym memberships can often end up costing a fortune, so try using the great outdoors to train instead.

You can use your backyard or head to a nearby park or beach to work out.

There are plenty of exercises such as running, walking, and plyometric movements which provide a great workout that doesn’t require any equipment.

Don’t fear non-organic

If you’re on a budget, it may not be financially practical to include organic produce in your weekly shop.

“Both organic and non-organic produce use pesticides, but these are at a safe level for human consumption,” Danielle says.

“If you prefer shopping organically, then that is OK. However, if you are on a budget and value your health, know there is no reason to fear non-organic products.”

virtual gym

Embrace the virtual gym

The great thing about technology is that it can bring almost anything to you, and that includes an effective workout.

YouTube has countless free workout videos of everything from yoga to Pilates and HIIT that you can follow in your living room.

You could also download workout apps that can serve up a training session with just a few taps.

Time your gear purchases

Buying on-trend active wear can leave a serious hole in your pocket.

So be strategic about when you buy them.

Firstly, take advantage of sale time, discount codes, and spend and save deals and snap up the pieces you need then.

You could also look to buy from the in-house active wear ranges of chain stores as often they’ll be a little cheaper than pieces by the big brands.

Delve into your private health insurance

If you have extras cover with your private health insurance you could be covered for things such as massages, running shoes and rebates on gym memberships.

Read the fine print of your coverage and you could uncover plenty of health-related expenses that you’re entitled to claim.

market vegetables

Split the bill

A great way to save is by splitting costs with friends or family.

When it comes to your weekly grocery shop, you could go halves with a friend and buy in bulk things like meat, fruits and vegetables.

While a trainer might seem like a luxury, you could consider getting a group together and splitting the cost of one.

Written by Tania Gomez