Pia Miller’s simple daily beauty routine

Actress and Invisible Zinc ambassador Pia Miller shares her no-fuss approach to prepping for the day.

As a busy actress and mother of two, Pia Miller likes to keep things simple when it comes to getting ready for the day.

“Anything that makes it easier to get out that door is great,” Pia, 35, tells The House of Wellness. “My beauty routine is quite simple.”

How Pia Miller starts the day

Pia, who has appeared in Home and Away and Bite Club, begins her day by using a cleanser and toner, and then moisturising her face and body.

The Invisible Zinc ambassador has also incorporated applying sunscreen daily to her beauty regimen; particularly given she spends most of the summer months outdoor at the beach.

“The Invisible Zinc Sheer Defence Tinted Moisturiser SPF50 has a matte finish and gives a bit of coverage as well,” she says.

“Then I will apply some concealer and bronzer and I always have an eyelash curler handy.”

The finishing touch before she heads out the door is a spritz of one of her favourite fragrances.

“I really like woody, earthy tones through my fragrance,” she says, adding that she frequently reaches for a men’s fragrance such as ones by Tom Ford.

“They’re beautiful and the men’s fragrances tend to be a bit bolder with their scent.”

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Health and fitness outdoors

When it comes to looking after her body and wellness, Pia likes to spend time outdoors with sons Isaiah, 15, and Lennox, 12.

She also visits the gym and does pilates or yoga.

“My family and I are real beach babies so we just love getting outside and going to the beach,” she says.

“For me, beauty is one of those things where if you’re happy and you’re feeling good on the inside, then it definitely shines on the outside.”

Pia tells The House of Wellness TV team how she finds balance in a busy life:

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Written by Erin Miller.