The 5 Aussie places Lauren Phillips loves to go in summer

As presenter of travel TV show Postcards, Lauren Phillips has visited a few hidden gems around Australia in her time. These are some of her favourites.

As a TV presenter on Channel Nine series Postcards, Lauren Phillips usually has a carry-on bag packed and ready to go.

Her favourite spots to head off to include hot and steamy destinations, where she can get a good dose of vitamin D.

“During summer I love being near the beach,” Lauren, 32, tells The House of Wellness.

“I love nothing more than waking up and having a dip in the ocean.”

Lauren, an ambassador for sun cosmetics brand Carroten, shares the top spots across Australia she loves to head to when the months warm up.

1. Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

“I go down to Sorrento, Blairgowrie and Portsea. I love it down there and spend a lot of time down there in summer,” she says.

2. Byron Bay, New South Wales

“I like the vibe, the beaches are amazing and there are so many different coves that you can swim in. It’s got great restaurants and bars and great places to run and swim,” says Lauren.

“I feel like it’s one of those places that tick every box for what you would want in a holiday destination.

“You can live in your Birkenstocks and swimwear, or you can get dressed up and go out for a beautiful meal. It has a great mix of everything for me.”

3. Halcyon House, Cabarita Beach

“Another favourite spot is Halcyon House, which is about 45 minutes out of Byron Bay. I would say that is one of my favourite hotels in the world,” says Lauren.

“It’s at Cabarita Beach and it’s nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s an old hotel that they’ve turned into this beautiful Mediterranean gorgeous space.”

4. Noosa, Queensland

“I tend to get up to Noosa once a year. You can go at any time of year and be pretty much guaranteed sun up there.”

5. Tocumwal, New South Wales

“One of my best friends has a big house in Tocumwal in NSW. A lot of us pack up the cars and go up there over summer and spend some time over the Christmas break,” says Lauren.

“It’s great over summer as they’re right on the river and everyone goes water skiing. I tend to sit on the boat and enjoy watching everyone. It’s beautiful there and you feel a million miles away from the reality of the city.”

lauren phillips

Lauren Phillips’ top holiday beauty tips

When it comes to making sure she’s prepared for all those summer trips, Lauren has a few packing tips for her beauty bag.

“I’ve got this one clear cosmetics bag that I always pull out when I go through customs, and it’s constantly packed so I never have to worry about it the night before,” she says.

In the bag are SPF 50+ sunscreen, moisturising lotion, a hydralyte and a facial sheet mask.

“I’m one of those freaks who wears sheet masks on long-haul flights and terrifies the flight attendants,” Lauren says.

“I always also have toothbrush and toothpaste, and Dettol hand sanitiser and an anti-bacterial wipe to wipe things down on planes.”

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*When using sunscreen, always read the label and see directions for use.

Written by Erin Miller.