How Elyse Knowles stays in shape

The Australian model loves getting out in the great outdoors to keep fit.

When the sun is shining in January, there’s one place you’ll usually find model Elyse Knowles.

The laidback Melbourne model loves heading to the Murray River with her family and friends for a summer getaway.

“Summer is my favourite time to jump in the car and go on a road trip to the river,” she says.

The importance of getting outdoors

Yet even when she’s on holidays, Elyse ensures she sticks to her exercise plan.

“In summer I’m always very motivated with working out because you want to feel your best when you have to get in brief clothing and swimwear,” she says.

To feel healthy and confident, Elyse, who features on the cover of the House of Wellness summer magazine, likes to get out in the sunshine for her daily exercise.

“I like to get outdoors, whether that’s walking on the beach or going for a walk in the bush,” she says.

“You can be active in different ways like doing water skiing and going for a skate down the street – it’s all working out.”

She also takes her two dogs Isla and Harlow for a walk down the beach, or has a hit of tennis with partner Josh Barker.

Yet it isn’t just outdoor activities that keep Elyse in shape.

The busy model also fits in time to visit the gym most mornings.

“I do a cardio-based class or a weights class, and it feels good if I do it in the morning and then I know I’ve ticked that off,” she says.

Elyse Knowles’ diet

She also sticks to a diet high in vegetables and lean protein.

“I eat a lot of fish like salmon and avocado and nuts and eggs,” she says.

Though she admits there is one little sweet treat which she allows herself.

“I don’t really drink alcohol and I don’t drink coffee, so sugar is my go-to,” she says, adding with a laugh: “You need something in life, don’t you – I mean who can give up chocolate?”

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Written by Erin Miller.