A more natural way to find pain relief

We all experience pain at some time, but how we manage that suffering is about to change.

More often than not our first port of call when our aches begin to niggle will be the chemist for over-the-counter medication.

But from February, painkillers containing codeine will no longer be available over the counter (OTC). In line with countries including the US, Japan and much of Europe, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has ruled to restrict purchase of codeine-based products to prescription only.

“Low dose codeine-containing medicines are not intended to treat long-term conditions, however, public consultation indicated many consumers used these products to self-treat chronic pain,” the TGA said in a statement last December.

The TGA states “misuse of OTC codeine products contributes to severe health outcomes including liver damage, stomach ulceration and perforations, hypokalaemia, respiratory depression and death”.

It was found consumers often became addicted to codeine-based medications.

Not all nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) contain codeine, but even those that don’t are not recommended for long-term use.

In light of the changes, it makes sense to consider your options for pain relief.

50-80% of people with pain are under treated
34% of workplace claims are a result of back pain
1 in 5 Australians suffer from pain, the third-leading cause of disease burden in Australia
20%: The rate of depression is higher among people with chronic pain than the rest of the population

An alternative for natural pain relief

One natural remedy for chronic pain, swelling and inflammation is Nageze, which is formulated based on Chinese and Aryuvedic medicine using ingredients derived from turmeric.

“Nageze is a naturally derived analgesic that targets the inflammation that causes pain, swelling and stiffness. It has no known drug interactions, and is both stomach and liver friendly,” BioRevive manager Nick Crothers says.

The therapeutic value of turmeric has been embraced in India for thousands of years, but there are hurdles in harnessing its healing powers. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, can be poorly absorbed on its own.

“In the case of Nageze, only natural products are used in the extraction process, which gives us the full spectrum of turmeric bioactives. This includes a high concentration of all curcuminoids, turmerones and other essential oils that not only provide health benefits but help increase the absorption of curcumin.

“And when combined with BetaSorb, our naturally-sourced delivery agent, absorption and bioavailability are increased even further,” Nick says.

Nageze is available in two variants, Joint Pain and Osteo Plus.

“Nageze Joint Pain is a dual-action, natural anti-inflammatory formula that provides daily relief from recurring and persistent joint pain. The two active ingredients, Turmeric BetaSorb and TermiPain, are combined to relieve pain and resolve inflammation based on traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda,” Nick says.

“Nageze Osteo Plus is formulated for people living with osteoarthritis who are looking for a simple yet effective naturally derived anti-inflammatory that can be used every day to help keep them active.”

Healing movement

Physical activity is an excellent natural therapy to help relieve chronic pain conditions as it helps relieve tension and strengthen weak muscles.

It’s important to start slowly – especially if you’ve been inactive for quite some time – and focus on low-impact activities. Core exercises help strengthen muscles and reduce lower back pain.

Always consult your health professional before starting an exercise program to ensure it’s appropriate for your condition.

Written by Ana Mitic



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*Make sure you see your GP to discuss treatment for chronic pain