The Aussie-born supplements creating a world of kindness

Being kind to yourself, others and the planet can bring a whole bunch of benefits, as Matt Stenmark can attest.

Imagine creating a health brand that not only wanted to support its own customers’ health and wellbeing, but those less fortunate and the planet too.

A sort of positive pay-it-forward with wellness at its heart.

Kynd brand founder Matt Stenmark has done exactly that, creating Australia’s first one-for-one supplements brand – where for every one product sold, a Kynd Immunity product is donated to a person in need, including the homeless and women in refuges.

Not only that, you can even track where your “kyndness” donation goes with the brand’s online tracker.

A world in need

For Matt, who has a background in the healthcare industry, creating a brand with a social conscience came about after time spent travelling overseas and throughout Australia with wife Jade.

Witnessing widespread gaps in nutrition, particularly among children – and an environment struggling under the weight of pollution and waste – “lit a fire”, he says.

On returning home to Sydney he decided to create a brand that would “make a difference to peoples’ lives, their health and the environment” – and Kynd was born in 2020.

“Kindness is like a ripple in the ocean; it can have a huge effect on everyone and the planet,” Matt says.

Sustainable packaging

The brand is passionate about sustainability. The Kynd range of tablets and capsules come in recyclable glass bottles with a sustainable bamboo cap that can be popped in the compost bin.

Parcels go out in compostable packaging and Kynd customers are encouraged to recycle.

The same commitment to this low environmental footprint goes into making sure every Kynd health and beauty supplement is formulated with high quality ingredients.

“We’ve worked hard to create supplements that use ingredients that are based on scientific evidence to support health and wellbeing,” says father-of-one Matt.

kynd vitamins

The added bonus of Kynd

If you’re a busy and active mum, or have your hands full with that always hard-to-nail work life balance, two products in the range may be your new best friends.

Kynd Magnesium Bio 1200 combines four forms of magnesium plus electrolytes in one daily tablet and is designed to help and reduce muscle cramps and mild spasms and maintain muscle function when dietary intake is inadequate.

And then there’s Kynd Collagen+, which is also a best seller. It combines two forms of collagen to support skin elasticity and firmness.

And remember, for every Kynd product you buy, an Immunity product containing Vitamin C and Zinc is donated to someone in need.

With evidence suggesting improved mood is a common side effect of kindness – you might be hitting not only a wellness goal but a happiness goal as well!

Written by Liz McGrath. This article is brought to you by Kynd. Kynd is distributed by iNova Pharmaceuticals. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.