Do you have a headache or a migraine?

These are the lifestyle factors that cause headaches, according to GP Dr Ginni Mansberg.

It’s estimated that three million Australians suffer from regular headaches.

For many, headaches are simply an annoying part of everyday life, while for others they seriously interfere with work, family and socialising.

The most common type of headache and the one that most of us have had at least once before is called a Tension Type Headache (TTH). They tend to last anywhere from 30 minutes to a week. People describe them as a tight band around the head, coming on at the end of the day and affecting both sides of the head. They can be pretty disabling for some people.

Migraine is another common type of headache that can leave you not only in pain but unable to bear lights and noise, nauseous and unable to work. Migraine sufferers often know their triggers, from stress to certain foods, and hormone fluctuations in women. Other causes include headaches coming from the neck as a result of too much screen time, having dry eyes, grinding your teeth and even from having too many painkillers.

If you get headaches and want to get rid of them altogether, it’s best to avoid your triggers and check in with your allied health specialists to get to the root cause of your pain.

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