Thirsty winter hair? Here’s how to rehydrate it back to (full and glossy) life

Winter can play havoc with your perfect hair game. Our revival tips will have your tresses turning heads again in no time.

There are plenty of things to love about winter, but the way it ravages our skin and hair isn’t one of them.

On top of rough skin, chapped lips and brittle nails, we can be left with dull, dry and damaged winter locks.

And the season does not discriminate, affecting hair of any type and texture.

Why is winter so harsh on hair?

Cold weather outside combined with dry indoor heat can suck the moisture right out of your hair, causing hair follicles to break, turn brittle and lose their sheen.

The dryness and breakage doesn’t do your colour any favours, either.

And then of course there’s hat hair, which can definitely leave your style looking subpar.

So how do you lock in moisture and undo that winter damage?

No matter what’s at the root of your winter hair woes, there are some easy steps you can take to protect and replenish your mane.

  1. Watch your water temp

A steaming shower might be just what you feel like when the mercury drops but extra hot water can snap moisture from hair, leaving it extra brittle and causing frizz and dullness. Wash your hair in lukewarm water and follow with a cool rinse.

  1. Avoid too much heat styling

With hair already more delicate in winter, too much heat styling can amplify things by drawing moisture out of your strands and increasing the chance of breakage. Minimise.

  1. Line your hat with silk or satin

If you love a winter beanie or hat to keep your head toasty warm, consider this.

Wool, cotton and other coarse fabrics can also cause split ends and breakage, so think about lining your favourite fedora with an old silk scarf to protect your locks.

John Frieda

  1. Switch up hair products to lock in moisture

In the same way you change up your skincare routine in winter, you need to do the same for hair.

The John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge collection quenches thirsty, lifeless hair with a surge of powerful moisture.

Infused with nutrient rich drops containing monoi oil and keratin, the shampoo and conditioner act like a moisture reservoir, helping to keep hair hydrated from within and transforming parched locks into silky, shimmery, shiny strands.

  1. Mask up

Hair may not be alive like, say, skin cells, but it still benefits from tender love and care and that, peeps, means scheduling in regular winter hair treatments.

Once a week, swap out your John Freida Hydrate & Recharge Conditioner for the Deep Soak Masque.

The Hydrate & Recharge collection from John Frieda is safe for use on natural or colour-treated hair and is an easy way you can get your hair superpower back.

So you can make sure a bad hair day doesn’t last a whole season!

*Written by Liz McGrath. This post is brought to you by the John Freida Hydrate & Recharge Collection.