Makeup techniques that age you (and what to do instead)

Go about it the wrong way, and our makeup can actually end up making us look older.

Genes can play a part in how our skin ages, but it turns out there’s a few ‘do and don’t’ makeup tricks that can play a big part in helping achieve a more youthful look.

We break down our top techniques for taking off the years instead of adding to them.

How to stop techniques that can make you look older

Not using a primer

The notion that primers are optional goes out the door once your skin has matured.

Applying foundation without a primer can contribute to fine lines looking more pronounced in addition to creasing, textured skin and large pores peeking through.

Heavy, full coverage foundation

Opting for a higher coverage foundation might sound logical, but it actually puts a spotlight on your skin concerns and is more prone to sinking into fine lines. Because of this, you’re better off going a lighter base.

If your lines are quite prominent, there’s also foundations specifically formulated for mature-aged skin. We like Revlon Age Defying Firming & Lifting Makeup.

‘Baking’ when you have dry skin

Setting powders can exaggerate fine lines and contribute to creasing, so avoid it all together if your skin’s dry.

For those prone to shine, apply a light dusting over your T-zone with a fluffy brush, but avoid heavier handed application (i.e. baking)

Lip products bleeding

Lip products are prone to bleeding and smudging on mature skin due to fine lines around the mouth.

To counteract this, use a specially designed lip liner, such as Rimmel Moisture Renew Universal Lip Liner, which helps create a barrier that prevents lip products from bleeding into fine lines for up to seven hours.

Raccoon eyes

A make-up faux pas to avoid at any age is lining the entire rim of your eyes.

While lining your upper lid can make lashes appear thicker, extending it to the lower lash line is a surefire way to look beady eyed.

Those with small eyes in particular should avoid the look.

Techniques that can make you look younger

Using a pore/wrinkle filling primer

This genius product works by temporarily smoothing any rough surfaces and filling lines, ensuring smooth application for your base.

We like Avene Physiolift Wrinkle Filler and L’Oreal Base Magique Smoothing Primer.

Opting for a lighter base

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle loves to let her freckles peek through her foundation and she achieves this by using a lighter coverage base or even a tinted mosturiser.

We like L’Oreal Wake Up And Glow BB Cream

Embrace a healthy flush

A pink or peach-toned blush is another way to look youthful and is another makeup technique that Meghan is a fan of.

We like Maybelline Fit Me Blush in True to Tone Pink

Natural shaped brows

It’s not just the thickness of a brow that can make us look younger, but also its shape.

Meghan’s straight-shaped brows help achieve a more youthful look.

Amp up the glow

Youthful skin is associated with a healthy, natural looking glow, which also happens to be Meghan’s signature look.

To recreate it, use a subtle highlight that’s preferably a balm or crème formula. We like L’Oreal Wake Up and Glow Droplets and Flower Glisten Up Highlighter Chubby.

Defined eyes

One of the first areas to show signs of ageing are our eyes.

Fine lines around our eyes will look particularly noticeable if you’re heavy handed with eyeshadow, so a great way to avoid this is by avoiding eyeshadow altogether.

Meghan achieves this by applying a classic flick of liner and multiple layers of mascara for added volume and intensity, leaving the eyes defined, but not too dramatic.

We like Revlon ColorStay Eye Liner and Lancome Mascara Virtuose.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett.