Makeup hacks for when it’s hot and humid

Hot, humid weather and makeup don’t mix, but some simple adjustments can make the world of difference and ensure everything stays put.

Primer is crucial

Hot weather doesn’t remove the need for a moisturiser and/or primer.

Like any other season, a well-hydrated and primed face gives your foundation something to adhere to.

Primers have the added benefit of making your foundation apply smoother, as well as blurring pores and reducing oil build-up.

If you’re prone to oiliness or suffer from a shiny T-zone: Use an oil-free moisturiser and mattifying primer, which reduce oil without drying out your face.

If you’re really ridiculously oily: Apply a light dusting of translucent powder on to the T-zone after priming but before foundation – it will serve as an additional oil buffer.

Less makeup is more

Layers upon layers of makeup can move and melt in the heat, which is the last thing you want.

To prevent this, simplify your base.

Skip the cream contour, colour correction and heavy-handed application.

Instead, opt for a lightweight foundation and apply sparingly.

If you prefer a full coverage foundation, apply it with a wet foundation sponge to sheer it out a little and prevent cakeyness.

Conceal spots sparingly

Approach concealing with a lighter hand.

Use your go-to concealer and spot conceal, focusing on the specific areas that need extra coverage.

Water-proof = sweat-proof

If your eyelids get oily or hay fever causes your eyes (and eye makeup) to run, invest in some water-proof eyeliner and mascara, which can transform the longevity of your makeup.

Set your face and blot

Once you’ve finished your makeup look, set the entire face with translucent loose powder, applying with a wet sponge and ‘bake’ if you’re prone to foundation separation.

For particularly oily types, you’ll want to apply the powder with a slightly damp sponge or press the product in with a beauty puff, both techniques helping to set the product.

To avoid looking powdery, a setting spray will refine any built-up powder while adding a protective film – think of it as a hairspray for your face.

Note – If you still manage to get shine throughout the day, blotting sheets are your best friend.

Simply use the sheets to blot away excess oil without disrupting or moving your makeup.

A light dusting of your favourite compact powder can further matte your face.

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