The eczema remedy born out of personal suffering

Geoff Graham’s ongoing battle with eczema led him to create his own remedy and a thriving family business.

When he was just three months old, Geoff Graham had one of the worst cases of eczema specialists had ever seen at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.

Years later, when Geoff’s young son, Ryan, also began suffering terribly from the skin condition, he and wife Shannon knew they had to do something.

“As a baby in hospital they used to wrap me in Glad wrap, just to get the skin to sweat and the cream deep into the layers of the skin,” Geoff, founder of Grahams Natural, says.

“When my son started showing signs, and within a few months was covered head to toe, we had a desperate need to create a natural and effective solution to treat him.”

What is eczema?

Eczema is a common skin disorder that causes the skin to become inflamed, scaly, dry and itchy.

It occurs in all age groups but is most common in babies and children.

Australia has one of the highest rates of eczema in the world, with recent research from University of Melbourne revealing one in three infants are affected.

The pain, discomfort and relentless itchiness of eczema are something Geoff understands all too well.

Turning to natural treatments for eczema

“Shannon and I spent 12 months in the kitchen researching everything we could about ingredients, mixing different raw materials that I knew had helped me,” Geoff recalls.

The couple started with the Calendula officinalis flower, Gotu Kola & Propolis to control itchiness and inflammation, and active Manuka honey to control bacteria on the skin surface.

“Keeping the skin moist at all times is crucial because once the top two layers dry out, the itch scratch cycle starts all over again. We found emu oil is highly effective for this,” he says.

With much trial and error, and spurred by amazing results in both Geoff and Ryan, the passionate couple developed their C+ Cream to relieve eczema and psoriasis.

They went on to create their natural Body and Bath Oil, and their company was born.

A growing business

The range has now expanded into products for a multitude of skin issues, including Rosacea and Psoriasis, as well as baby therapeutic product range.

“Our creams are Class I formulated Medical Devices using clinically tested ingredients, meaning the formula has been specifically designed and tested to treat the specific skin issue,” Geoff says.

“It’s not just about one ingredient but all of the ingredients working together to treat the problem.”

Watch Geoff Graham discuss the development of his skincare range, as well as his ongoing battle with eczema on House of Wellness TV.

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Written by Liz McGrath.