Say hello to J-Beauty: This year’s latest beauty phenomenon

Fresh off the heels of the K-beauty (Korean beauty) trend, the beauty community is now buzzing for all things J-beauty.

It might be a relatively new concept for westerners, but J-beauty, which refers to Japanese beauty and skincare products, has been a crucial player in the international beauty industry for quite some time.

In fact, Japan boasts the highest per capita spending on skincare and cosmetics.

What is the J-Beauty ethos?

They have similar nicknames but that’s where the comparisons between K-beauty and J-beauty end.

Unlike the multiple-step skincare routine practised by Korean women, Japan’s approach to skincare is far more simplistic and all about achieving hydrated, soft skin.

The J-Beauty skincare routine

Double cleanse

Remove make-up with your preferred multi-purpose cleanser or cleansing oil and repeat the process to ensure the face is completely removed of any make-up residue. Double cleansing may sound finicky, but it’s a sure fire way to ensure your skin is properly cleansed.

We like Sukin’s Super Greens Cleansing Oil for a lightweight cleanser.


The next step may throw you off a bit. Rather than using toners to close pores and refine the skin, the Japanese use lotions, otherwise known as skin conditioners, to soften the skin and lightly hydrate.

Lotions are far more sophisticated than your standard toner, usually containing a hyaluronic acid or liquid exfoliant of some sort to further refine your skin and remove any remaining dead skin cells.

Try Byphasse Soft Toner Lotion for a gentle rose water based toner.


Rather than a heavy, hydrating nightly serum, J-beauty incorporates a light serum that serves as a pre-moisturiser.

Tackling everything from pigmentation to plumping up the skin, serums take the hard work out of moisturisers to avoid overwhelming the skin with too many hardworking products at once.

We like Healthy Care’s Anti Ageing Gold Flake Face Serum for a serum that packs a punch.


Because of Japan’s hot, humid climate, lightweight moisturisers and oils are preferred.

Try Cetaphil’s Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion for a lightweight hydrating moisturiser.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett