Play it cool with autumn’s coolest looks

These hair and make-up trends will help you prepare for seasonal change.


Multi-dimensional tones

Multi-toned hair colour isn’t going anywhere. While it’s common practice to go a darker, low maintenance shade in the cooler months, try and avoid a heavy block colour this season as it can look flat, unnatural and harsh.

Natural highlights

Strategic highlights, or lowlights, which break up the colour while creating movement and a lived-in, natural appearance are key. If your hair is already multi-dimensional but you’d like to go darker, ask your colourist for a rinse or darker toner, which will temporarily darken your shade without reducing dimension.

  • Blonde celeb inspo: Gigi Hadid, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Brunette celeb inspo: Priyanka Chopra, Mila Kunis, Cheryl Cole


Heart-shaped lips

Taking its cues from the “flappers” of the 1920s, autumn make-up will see more emphasis on the cupid’s bow and a rounded lip that appears almost heart-shaped. Not to be confused with over-lining your lip – this trend involves involve subtly enhancing the shape of your lip, not reducing or expanding its size.

To achieve the look, outline with a lip liner before applying go-to lip product with a lip brush. This gives your lips a crisper, more precise finish than your standard lipstick. For an even more defined appearance, clean lip edges with concealer.


Lower lash line

Often forgotten when it comes to eye make-up, but that won’t be the case this autumn.

From bright-toned eyeliner along the waterline to mini mascaras specifically designed for the lower lashes, there are a variety of ways to make the lower lash line pop and become the focal point of your make-up.

Here’s a tip – applying a light layer of mascara and lining the outer lower rim is an effective way to open up eyes and make them appear larger and more awake. Go a step further by applying white/flesh-toned waterproof eyeliner to the waterline, which makes the whites of the eyes appear clearer and larger.

Give your lips some extra love with these four must-try lip tricks for the new season – and beyond.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett